La sostenibilità guida il nostro stile di business


On 7 June 1976, Imbalplast SRL was registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona. It has been 48 years since that day but, actually, our company’s history has roots that are more distant in time. It is not by coincidence that we like using the word root, as it was indeed a vegetable – the bitter root of Soncino – that initiated our activity. Its plantation has always been a peculiarity belonging to the ancient burg of Soncino and its surrounding areas. It is a winter vegetable that, as wellness enthusiasts use to say, “We eat that as a vegetable but it’s good for us like a medication”; as a matter of fact, Soncino bitter roots have great depurative properties and are also good for blood and intestine functions.

Therefore, picking up the threads of the speech, we have to return to 1950s when, talking with his friend who worked at the Ortomercato (Fruit and Vegetable Market), Grandfather Gianni Alzani had the idea of creating a packaging for the roots of Soncino. The purpose of this packaging was to avoid the oxidation of roots and, thus, to get a longer shelf life in grocery stores; that was how the first plastic bags were born, which are the ancestors to the current ones. Thus, the production of plastic bags for Soncino bitter roots and other vegetables became the family business. About ten employees worked there; among the workers, there was also Mr. Alzani’s son Sergio – a well-known professional cyclist of that time – and, from 1963, his young wife Mariuccia began to work there as well. At 80 years old, today she is the one that recounts with affection the family history and business, the birth of Renato in 1965 – the couple’s firstborn and now CEO of Imbalplast – and that of Giovanni in 1970. They are truly a close-knit family and they faced joys, sacrifices, and also the pain deriving from a tragic accident that involved Giovanni, who was only 17 years old at that time.

The great turn and Imbalplast’s specialization in production and printing of bags for hygienic and sanitary industry happened towards the end of 1970s, once again almost by chance. It was Giovanni Celada, a representative and friend of a friend, who led Imbalplast towards this industry; he was a long-term co-operator of the company, who helped to create a long and rewarding partnership, characterized by development, sustainability, and innovation. This pioneering feature has been embodied by Renato, who is the main architect of the technological impulse that today identifies Imbalplast for proficiency, excellence of production and quality of services.

It is nice listening to the stories of Mrs. Mariuccia, who is still very attached to the job that saw her as protagonist for many years, first as labourer and then as manager. However, she has not laid her arms yet, since every morning she takes a tour of the plant and speaks with all the employees, asking them about their families and giving them support when she feels they are in need.This is another quality of the Alzani Family. Indeed, they have a very close bond with their employees (48 people currently) and they always find some time to listen to them and try to find solutions for inconveniences – above all for female workers who need to balance job and family.

Mrs. Mariuccia really is a friendly woman, but she is also shy when she has to show her feelings. Yet, listening to her words, we can feel the deep love she has for everyone around her, for her children, her daughter-in-law Beatrice – who is another pillar of Imbalplast – and her grandchildren Benedetta and Leonardo – whom she still calls “babies”, even if they are more than 20 years old. They are now ready to start the fourth generation of the Company.

There would be much more to say and we will do it soon, by dealing with the protagonists of this long adventure, which is somehow a history born by chance and developed thanks to insight, hard work, virtues, and honesty of a great family.

Happy birthday Imbalplast!