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Italy will achieve the goals set by the European Union for 2030 six years early. This is the official assessment for 2024 made by Ignazio Capuano – President of CONAI (COnsorzio NAzionale Imballaggi) – on Global Recycling Day.

This year, over 10 million and 300.000 tons of packaging rubbish will start a second life, nearly achieving a remarkable 75% amount of recycling.

This is such good news and we are sure that it will encourage the efforts of people like us, who are involved on a daily basis with sustainability. In addition, if we look at the results, we can see that “Green People” keep increasing – such a great satisfaction!

According to the latest data issued by Eurostat, Italy is competing with Germany for the leadership of per capita packaging recycling.

This goal is a prevision that encompasses all the materials. The data reported by the Italian daily Il Sole 24 Ore are the following ones: 77,8% for steel (409.000 tons), 73% for aluminium (64.000 tons), 85,6% for paper (4 million and 298.000 tons), 65,1% for wood (2 million and 130.000 tons), 85,9% for glass (2 million and 325.000 tons), and 52% for plastic and compostable bio-plastic (1 million and 183.000 tons, which includes 51.000 tons of bio-plastic).