La sostenibilità guida il nostro stile di business


Imbalplast has enthusiastically answered to an unexpected proposal. We are now partners of an organization that promotes sustainability in an innovative way and we are here to share our experience – as a company that has been committed on this front for many years – and to take a concrete part in the creation of new educational paths.

In order to better understand what we are dealing with, we need to do a short premise.

Installation called “Oltre l’involucro” (i.e. beyond the packaging)

We should all agree on the fact that companies shall re-evaluate their operative model looking at sustainability. However, it is much more difficult to understand how to trace a path towards this goal. The majority of companies is demonstrating to have developed some sensitivity regarding this change, by employing instruments that can reduce environmental impact – above all, using alternative energies.

Still, one thing missing is a strategy that allows all those companies to integrate sustainability to their operational and decisional processes – whether small, medium or large companies.

Indeed, the biggest mistake is to associate sustainability only with the environmental domain; actually, the transition and path towards sustainability imply a new state of mind, including social, economic, and reputational domains as well.

(Picture: Luminous art installation, realized by the students of the Brera Academy of Milan, using the bags of make-up remover pads. The event called “ArteDesignImpresa” was organized in 2019 by the municipality of Soncino, and it involved 15 artists and 8 companies of the area, including Imbalplast).

This is when Ustainable springs into action. It is an organization whose purpose is to support companies during the development of a sustainability strategy; these strategies shall be coherent, effective, and productive. Ustainable does that by proposing classical and essential instruments, such as formation and consultation; but they also do that through art and performances as to affect in a much more original and didactic way the cultural change that will lead to a new lifestyle. This is a hope towards a truly and completely sustainable future.

Therefore, formation is needed in order to find the best rising activities and sustainable strategies; consultation is necessary to give concreteness to the best sustainable actions for every single entrepreneurial reality; finally, art and performances are the cultural engine that is essential to involve a larger and miscellaneous group of people. The great success of Persephonia – an original musical launched a few months ago about sustainability – encourages Ustainable and all its partner companies, such as Imbalplast, to take this path.